• Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Basic statistics

• Canadian Energy Research Institute:

Oil Spills and First Nations:  Exploring Environmental and Land Issues Surrounding the Northern Gateway Pipeline – February 2012

Economic Impacts of Staged Development of Oil Sands Projects in Alberta (2010-2035) – CERI Study 125 / Extension A

Economic Impacts of New Oil Sands Projects in Alberta (2010-2035) – CERI Study 124

• Cormex MediaLAB

Oil sands or tar sands? – An examination on what terminology English-speaking media outlets use for “bitumen sands” on how use of that terminology affects discussion on the resource.

• Cornish, Margaret. Behaviour of Chinese SOEs: Implications for Investment and Cooperation in Canada

• Environment Canada:

National Inventory Report 1990-2010: Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks in Canada – Executive Summary

National Pollutant Release Online Inventory

• Erin N. Kelly, David W. Schindler, Peter V. Hodson, Jeffrey W. Short, Roseanna Radmanovich, and Charlene C. Nielsen
Oil sands development contributes elements toxic at low concentrations to the Athabasca River and its tributaries
PNAS 2010 107: 16178-16183.

• F. Gagné, M. Douville, C. André, T. Debenest, A. Talbot, J. Sherry, L.M. Hewitt, R.A. Frank, M.E. McMaster, J. Parrott, and G. Bickerton
Differential changes in gene expression in rainbow trout hepatocytes exposed to extracts of oil sands process-affected water and the Athabasca River
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology (2012) 155: 551

• Gibbons, Dan – Canada West Foundation – Blackened Reputation: A Year of Coverage of Alberta’s Oil Sands

• Rebecca C. Rooney, Suzanne E. Bayley, and David W. Schindler
Oil sands mining and reclamation cause massive loss of peatland and stored carbon
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• Remillard, Chasten
Picturing environmental risk: The Canadian oil sands and the National Geographic
The International Communication Gazette, 73(1-2) 127–143. DOI: 10.1177/1748048510386745

• Royal Society of Canada – Environmental and Health Impacts of Canada’s Oil Sands Industry (2010)

Executive Summary / Full Report

• National Energy Board (NEB):

Statistics on Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Total Crude Oil Exports by Destination

More NEB statistics here.

• Schneider R.R., Hauer G., Dawe K., Adamowicz W., Boutin S. (2012) Selection of Reserves for Woodland Caribou Using an Optimization Approach. PLoS ONE 7(2): e31672. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031672

• Statistics Canada

Focus on Geography Series, 2011 Census (for Wood Buffalo)

The Supply and Disposition of Refined Petroleum Products in Canada

Wood Buffalo Census Profile

• Suncor Energy – 2011 Summary Report on Sustainability

• TD Economics – Oil’s Well Below the Threshold

• Urquhart, Ian. Between the Sands and Hard Place?: Aboriginal Peoples and the Oil Sands

World Energy Outlook – A yearly publication released by the International Energy Industry that analyzes long-term global energy market trends in even-numbered years. For odd-numbered years, the publication examines pressing issues (ie. Environmental impact) facing the energy sector.