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Need help understanding what’s going on and where? Here are a few maps that can help you.

• Government of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development – Oil Sands Information Portal – This interactive map serves as a “one-stop” hub of location, water monitoring, air quality, tailings ponds and disturbed/reclaimed land among other data of oil sands projects.

Project press release

• Government of Alberta – Ministry of Energy:

Alberta’s Oil Sands Leased Area – This map provides an overview of how much activity is being conducted by geographic area based on how much the land has been leased.

Alberta’s Oil Sands Projects and Upgraders – This map provides a detailed insight of what sorts of ongoing, under-construction and proposed projects that oil and gas companies are undertaking throughout the province as of January 2012.

• Oilsands Review Navigator – Map of project locations and company leases

Syncrude Lease Map

• Location map of Alberta First Nation reserves and Metis settlements