Industry Groups/Affiliates

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Study Highlights:

Industry groups such as the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and the Oil Sands Developers Group are organizations journalists turn to for general information on the oil sands, as well as specific data on about oil sands history, operations and production.

While it is expected that journalists would turn to industry sources for information about oil sands operations and development, the survey also revealed that even when dealing with topics on environmental issues, industry was seen by half of respondents as a reliable source. However, industry was not seen as the most reliable source for stories with environmental angles.

For more technical matters such as in-situ development and production statistics, industry was cited as the most reliable source by a majority of respondents.

Research done by financial analysts and investment bankers are also found to be useful for some journalists.

Alberta Chamber of Resources*

Phone: 780.420.1030

*mentioned by journalists in our study as a source they use

ARC Financial Corp. (energy-focused private equity investing firm)

Peter Tertzakian – chief energy economist and author of The End of Energy Obesity and A Thousand Barrels a Second.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)*

Tony McCallum – Media relations contact – 403.267.1142

*mentioned by journalists in our study as an often-used source

• Canadian Heavy Oil Association

Kerri Markle – executive director – 403-269-1755 ext. 302

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Angela Hamlyn
Director, Communications, Publications and Media
Tel.: (514) 939-2710

Canada`s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)

Dan Wicklum – Chief Executive (bio) – 403.875.0412
Media kit (pro-development lobby group)

Jamie Ellerton, executive director

In Situ Oil Sands Alliance

Pat Nelson – vice-chair (and former Alberta MLA) – 403.538.4711

The Oil Sands Developers Group*

Media relations number – 780.790.1999
Media relations fax line – 780.790.1971
Online inquiry entry form here.

*mentioned by journalists in our study as an often-used source

Oil Sands Leadership Initiative

Oil Sands Safety Association

Tim Gondek
Executive Director

Chelsea Jesso
Executive Assistant
Ph: (780) 791-4944

Tammy Palmer
Project Coordinator
Ph: (780) 715-3947

Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada
Phone: (403) 269-3454

Strategy West Inc. (energy industry consulting company)

Bob Dunbar, president – 403.256.9220