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Want to see what has been covered in the past or get a better sense of the oil sands story and facts presented from the perspectives of industry, environmental groups and government? Have a look at our video link collection below. As well, you can find more videos at OSRIN’s video resource here.

Mainstream media:

(* Note: Not every video uploaded is from respective news outlets’ official website or YouTube account)

Al Jazeera – People & Power – Alberta’s Oil Sands

Al Jazeera – Witness: To the Last Drop Part 1 / Part 2

Alberta Primetime – Chinese Investment in Alberta’s Oil Sands

Alberta Primetime – Oil Sands Reclamation: Pipe Dream or Reality?

CBC – Rex Murphy: Defending Canada’s Oil Sands

CBC – The National – Oilsands and the environment

CBC – Power and Politics – Ethical oil vs. environmental groups

CBC – Power and Politics – Oilsands and foreign funds

*CNN Money – Fort McMoney – Oil sands money in Canada

CBS – Oil Sands featured on 60 Minutes

Edmonton Journal – Syncrude Oil Sands Tailings Ponds

*Global Calgary – Interviews with Fort McMurray residents

*Global Calgary – Working in Fort McMurray

Interviews with citizens:

Interview with Wayne Groot, potato farmer near Edmonton, Alberta, who talks about life farming near oil sands upgraders.

Interview with Roland Woodward, member of the Cree Nation living next to Lake Gregorie Provincial Park near Fort McMurray.

Interview with Donna, member of the Cree Nation in Peace River, Alberta.

Activism activity:

Naomi Klein Debunks Ethical Oil at Tar Sands Action

Greenpeace – Tar Sands Mine Action

Industry videos:

Video on industry-built lake Wāpan Sākahikan.

Cenovus Energy production well

Athabasca Oil: Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Technology

Athabasca Oil: Thermal-Assisted Gravity Drainage (TAGD) Technology

Suncor Energy oil sands tour

Canadian Oil Sands: ConocoPhillips Surmont Facility

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. – Camp Experience at Horizon Oil Sands

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers: Canada’s Oilsands – Come see for yourself… Part 1 / Part 2

Government of Alberta:

About the Alberta Oil Sands

Oil Sand Separation Demonstration

Lectures and panel discussions:

Andrew Nikiforuk – Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent

Excerpts from “Canada’s Oil Sands: Energy Security or Energy Disaster?” held during a Keystone XL Pipeline forum by Climate One at the Commonwealth Club (U.S.-based.)

Stan Boutin, University of Alberta – Alberta’s Threatened Wildlife

Stan Boutin, University of Alberta – McGill Podcasts: Stan Boutin: Is there room for ecological conservation in the Oil Sands of Alberta?


Fast Forward Weekly – Ezra Levant and Andrew Nikiforuk debate ethics of Alberta’s oilsands

Advocacy groups and think-tanks:

Ethical Oil TV Ad on Saudi Arabia

Pembina Institute – Jen Grant of the Pembina Institute on the need for oilsands metrics

DesmogBlog – Cry Wolf: An Unethical Oil Story

Sustainable Guidance – Tar Sands Oil Extraction – The Dirty Truth

Short documentaries:

Spoil: Documentary on the Great Bear Rainforests by EP Films

Our Land, My People: Justice for the Lubicon Cree by Amnesty International

Downstream: Produced by Leslie Iwerks
Official website


CBC – Rick Mercer ReportRick in oil sands

Kai Nagata – Ethical Oil: The Puppet Rap


Tourist video of Fort McMurray Discovery Centre

Green Energy:

David Dodge’s Green Energy Futures

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